Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Information on Dream Overseas Play

A post on the RebKell Message Boards has solved some of the mysteries of where various members of the Atlanta Dream will be playing in Europe.

Alison Bales - Samsun (Turkey)
Erika DeSouza - Ros Casares Valencia (Spain)
Jennifer Lacy - China (don't know team name)
Ivory Latta - Ceylan Belediyespor (Turkey)
Chioma Nnamaka - Union Hainaut (France)
Kasha Terry - Utex Row Rybnik (Poland)
Tamera Young - Extragusa Valencia (Spain)
Yelena Leuchanka - UMMC Ekaterinburg (Russia)

Katie Feenstra is getting married this fall and will not play until after that.
Nikki Teasley is not likely to play until January when she will be in game shape after working out all fall
Chantelle Anderson likely will focus only on rehab to ensure in good shape for 09

Izi Castro Marques, Betty Lennox, Ann Strother, and Kristin Haynie are all still finalizing deals on where they play

Congratulations to WBD for posting that.

Double congratulations to Katie Feenstra. Happy Honeymoon! I'll be following the players in the off season as best I can, and will do my best to update you.

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