Monday, August 3, 2009

Most Three-Point Plays

Swanny's Stats is always good for a visit, even though he's undoubtedly a Lynx fan. Today's stat: three point plays.

A "three point play" is when you make are fouled while making a shot - and the ball goes into the basket. You get credit for the basket, plus a chance to make a free throw for the foul.

Becky Hammon of the Silver Stars is the league leader, getting 13 opportunities for a 3-point play - and making all of them. Sancho Lyttle is 7-for-8 on three point plays - in other words, only one time has she missed the follow-up free throw. Angel McCoughtry is 6-for-7.

There are only three WNBA players who have made a "four point play" in 2009 - you get that when you're fouled during a 3-point shot, you make the shot and you get a opportunity for a free throw. Those players are Diana Taurasi, Erin Phillips...and Ivory Latta, who had a four-point play against Phoenix in our 106-76 win.

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