Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Dream/Mercury Game - a Family Speaks Out

Peapod Squad Stuff writes about a family taking their son to his very first WNBA basketball game. There are a bunch of pictures at the blog, so you should be taking a peak at them.

If there's a WNBA game near you, you should definitely check it out. It was a great family event. And I love the message of the WNBA. I appreciated the wonderful opportunity to show my daughter that she can dream big.

And speaking of dreams, now Snap Pea doesn't want to be a basketball when he grows up. No, now he wants to be a cheerleader. A new conundrum indeed.

Haters are now shrieking in horror. Quiet down, fellers. There are male cheerleaders, this isn't 1947.


peapodsquadmom said...

lol. kinda' funny seeing my blog referenced here. and yeah...if my son wants to be a cheerleader (though we actually don't have them where we live), i'll see to it that he's the best dude on the squad! it's much simpler than helping him be a basketball. yep, the actual ball. that's what his most recent "dream" was.

thanks for the mention. we are now huge atlanta dream fans around here!

pt said...

Hello, and welcome to the blog. It's a good thing that he decided not to become a basketball - you get to watch a lot of games, but it couldn't pay very well. :D

Welcome to Atlanta Dream fandom!