Thursday, August 6, 2009

McCoughtry Blogs About Receiving Key to Baltimore

Angel McCoughtry blogs about receiving the key to the city of Baltimore from mayor Sheila Dixon at her blog at

I’m glad I’m one of the females to get the award. I think I might be the only female athlete to get the award in Baltimore. So it means a lot to me because a lot of male athletes have received the award, people like Carmelo Anthony and Juan Dixon. It’s great for a female athlete to be able to inspire other females and get the key to the city.


Hoopalonious, aka Sue said...

That's quite an achievement for a rookie. Good for her.

pt said...

The amazing thing about it is that several other women's basketball players were born in Baltimore (Candice Wiggins, Sonia Chase, Kisha Ford, Krystal Vaughn and the ABL's Dana Johnson) and as far as I know, none of those players has ever been given the key to the city.

pilight said...

Wiggins may have been born in Baltimore, but she's not from there. The year she was born, 1987, was her father's last season with the Orioles and they left the city when she was less than a year old.