Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Armintie Price will have to choose a number: will it be #24, which was her old number at Ole Miss? Or will it be #22, which was her number with the Sky?

Do you remember who else wore #22 for the Dream? You can highlight the white text below to find out:

ANSWER: Betty Lennox

Interestingly, if she chooses #24, it will be the "reverse" of #42, which was Nikki Teasley's number.

These are the things with which I occupy myself.


Anonymous said...

B Money$ wore 22, how could I forget

Anonymous said...

Expect Price to briefly wear Tamera's # just for one game - because the Dream Pink uniforms are arriving so close to game time that there is not time to change the #s.

pilight said...

She had #22 on her warmup shirt tonight.