Thursday, August 20, 2009

Margin of Victory

Swanny's Stats has its newest post up of interesting WNBA statistics. This time, we look at team margins of victory.

The first category: 10+ Point Deficits Overcome to Win. Unfortunately, the Dream is 1-2 in this category. We came back from 12 down to beat Detroit at the Palace of Auburn Hills in overtime in July, 98-95. However, we've let teams off the mat twice. The first time was in the second game of the season, when Washington came back from 14 down to beat us 77-71 at Washington. The second time was in July when we lost 71-69 in New York due to a 12 point comeback.

Next, we look at 20+ point victories. There have been only 14 such games so far this year and we have one of them. We beat Phoenix by 30, 106-76 in July. This is the biggest margin of victory this year, tied only with the Sun's 91-61 win over the Sky in June.

As for one-point victories, there have only been seven of those this year - and we were involved in two of them. In our very first game of the year, we beat Indiana 87-86 in a double overtime win - but about two weeks later, we lost to Chicago 98-97 in a game that went into overtime.

Any game winning buzzer beaters? Only four so far this year. You can go to the link for those, but the honors belong to Alana Beard, Temeka Johnson, Sophia Young and Ann Wauters for pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat.

We now look at Records in Two-Possession Games. These were games decided by six points or less. Chicago leads the league with a 7-1 record in close games. The Dream are a pedestrian 6-8.

For Records in Double-Figure Games, we're better. We're fourth in the league, with a 4-2 record in games decided by 10 points or more. The best team? Indiana at 9-3.

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pilight said...

Good teams typically have worse records in close games than they do overall. The reason is obvious, good teams win by large margins more often than bad ones and are less likely to lose by large margins, so their winning % when the game isn't close tends to be quite high.