Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Atlanta Dream Bridal Show

A link from The Wedding Boutique Blog. This involves a promotion for the September 11th game, not the game coming up on Sunday:

Atlanta offers a lot of bridal shows to choose from but this one is truly unique. After three successful years with the NBA, Brides and Basketball is coming to Atlanta in conjunction with the Atlanta Dream!

This creative idea is being supported across the country. The bridal exhibitors are put right in the arena, and all attendees - brides and basketball fans alike - have the opportunity to mingle with many of Atlanta's wedding experts.

In addition to all of the media sponsors, there will also be great giveaways such as trips to NEW ORLEANS, 8-DAY STAYS IN MEXICO, and THE FIRST 100 COUPLES TO ATTEND WILL RECEIVE A CERTIFICATE FOR FREE WEDDING BANDS!

The actual link is here. Hey, I'm all for the promotion! It's a pity this wasn't in effect last year, or it might have been cheaper for Katie Feenstra to buy a gown.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Q: How do you get a guy to go to a bridal show?
A: Put the bridal show on an WNBA concourse!"

Um, whut? What kind of drugs are these people on? Hey! -- *two* things most guys aren't interested in!! Genius!

Or maybe noone's told them that the NBA and the WNBA are different, seeing as how they refer to it as an NBA game later on in the advertisement?