Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lehning, Bird, and a Big Hunk of Rock

Shalee Lehning has a new blog post from her hometown paper.

Some comments about the recent Storm game:

On Thursday I was matched up to guard Katie Smith from Detroit and on Saturday I guarded Sue Bird from Seattle. Both of those players are Olympians so it was an honor to be able to play against them. I’ve watched Sue Bird play since she was at UCONN and I’ve studied a lot of film on her game attempting to learn different things from her, so when I found out I would be guarding her I got a bit nervous! My team is really playing well right now and with those two wins we secured 2nd place in the league so if we keep this up we will hopefully make the playoffs.

Among other things, Lehning got to see Stone Mountain:

Whitney and Kim stayed on Sunday so our group went to see Stone Mountain. I didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into but it turned out great. We rode a gondola to the top of Stone Mountain and walked around the top of the mountain for a while. It was such a beautiful view from the top of the mountain looking down over the city. Then we rode a train around the mountain and learned a lot about the history of the park. There was also this ropes obstacle course that Whitney and I went through. We put harnesses on and dangled in the air while climbing through different obstacles. It was so fun! I sure am glad I’m not afraid of heights. That would definitely put a damper on my adventurous side.

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ATLDreamFan17 said...

Shalee's blogs are fun to read. All of the rookie blogs/updates are interesting. Its nice to see how players adapt from college life to the WNBA and all that comes with it.