Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dream Lose to Storm in Double Overtime

My understanding is that the Dream had a sad loss last night, losing in double-overtime 91-84 to Seattle. Sancho Lyttle had a chance for a last-second shot that could have won the game clearly for Atlanta, but she missed it.

Ow. Detroit and Seattle have proven to be missed opportunities. I suspect that the Sparks won't be offering Atlanta much hospitality, either.

Today is a travel day. The blog should be on its regular schedule by Monday.


Hoopalonious, aka Sue said... may wanna change that headline....

Q McCall said...

Saddest is that Lyttle missed a layup at the end of first OT that would have won the game...

The Dream played well to stay close at the Key. Bird and Wright were just determined to win that game.

The Dream got nothing from the perimeter and Izi/Latta made some decisions that really shot them out of the game..

But also, after seeing Lehning in person...I started to see why Dream fans are complaining. Lehning does a great job making that initial pass and finding open players, but she is much less effective once she's off the ball and not surveying things from the top of the key.

If she gets the ball back, once the shot clock is running down, she really can't beat you with her shot, nor can she make something happen off the dribble. And with people scrambling at that point, she is waiting for someone to get open which just further stalls the offense.

It's not that she's a "ball stopper" -- someone that deliberately pounds the ball -- but she just can't do enough yet to make creative plays and that hurts this team full of jump shooters.

But to say Latta is *clearly* the better player to run the team is just unfounded. What they have is two solid backup point guards who do different things and Meadors did a solid job managing them last night, though she maybe left Latta in a bit too long at times...

I'm surprised there aren't more complaints about Izi, the polar opposite of Lehning... but I guess that makes the basketball philosophy of Dream fans clear.. ;)

ATLDreamFan17 said...

Q McCall
Last season (and a little this year) in the message boards Dream fans debated the Izzy issue. The Latta vs Lehning debate overshadowed her this season.

I really hope the Dream can pull together some wins on this roadtrip.