Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dream Win Battle Against Shock 85-80

Boy, what an ugly game. Particularly that first half. But after losing 30 games last year, I'm happy with a win no matter what it looks like. We're 3-0 against the defending WNBA champions this year, and you gotta like that.

More tomorrow, but tomorrow might be busy at work. Time to sleep happy.


Anonymous said...

HUUUUGE WIN! That was big to keep Detroit from starting to feel good about making a run, and also huge to stay above 500. Storm will be tough but Sun managed to beat them tonight so we have hope!

anonymous1 said...

The first half was ugly but a win is a win. I'm looking forward to Sat vs Seattle. I wonder how Shalee will match up against the likes of Bird? She's done well so far so it should be a good game down to the last minute.

rogerio silvestre said...

I was a little bit disappointed with the game last night. All the players played so bad in the first quarter. Also, Chamique Holdsclaw is not playing that good lately. I hope she wakes up during the game agaisnt Seattle. In addition to this, what happened with Latta last night?
Go Dream, the teamm deserves to be in the playoffs, but it need to be more regular!!