Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dream Loses At Home 82-80 Against Sky; Winning Streak Ends

We almost had it. Ivory Latta hit a 3-pointer with 3.7 seconds left to close the gap to 81-80, but we coudn't make it happen at home. The Sky have swept us this year...but our hope is that we'll meet them in the playoffs.

Charles Odum of the Associated Press has his writeup here. Our four-game winning streak has come to an end.

More later, but now it's time to sleep.

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anonymous1 said...

The ladies of the Dream tried to make it happen in the 4th quarter so I give them kudos for the effort. However, the inability to take care of the ball is what hurt them. That mixed with missed shots that should've been made, lax defense early on and some poor passing.
Hometown support for 5 more games before they go on the road. Let's go Dream, Playoffs will be here soon.