Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dream Whallop Monarchs 106-86; Retain Second Place

Last year, the Monarchs were joking and laughing about how they knocked Ivory Latta's tooth out of her mouth. True story. Well, after a 20-point whalloping where McCoughtry scored 20 and Castro Marques scored 30, I guess Sacramento will have to find something else to laugh about on their trip to Minnesota.

Great game. I'm going to try to report on this one, but a word of warning - I'm probably going to miss both the Thursday game against Detroit and the Saturday game against Seattle. Won't get to see them, which is a real bummer.

In the meantime, enjoy this win!


ATLDreamFan17 said...

Great game, Izzy was on fire. It was nice to see the Dream players havin fun on the court despite bogus calls.

Petrel, they knocked Latta's tooth out and it seemed to me they were trying to do the same to Lehning. She took some HARD hits but was still able to get up and do her thing. She's a little energizer bunny, just keeps going and going. There's a lot of Latta vs Lehning debate but I think they both fit well on the team.

Hopefully the energy will roll on over to the west coast. One Team One Dream.

rogerio silvestre said...

Do you recall what you wrote about the last game regarding IZZY?
Well, you wrote this: Usually, when it looks like we're getting buried, Iziane figures, "hey, if we're going to lose I might as well score 30 points". ( The "Izi effect".). Probably, IZIANE read what you wrote. She scored 30 points. She was on fire and gave us fan her best performance of the year in my opinion. I hope she keeps doing that….and you can write whatever you want….