Monday, August 17, 2009

Dates and Deadlines

10 hours (as of 2 PM EST) until the end of the WNBA's trade deadline for 2009. After today, there can be no more trades until after the 2009 season.

14 days until Tulsa's informal deadline for putting together a package for expansion that the WNBA will either accept or reject. That informal deadline is September 1st.

25 days until the final regular season home game against the Connecticut Sun on September 11th.

26 days until the end of the Dream's regular season. They play Washington on the road on September 12th, Atlanta's 34th and final regular season game.

27 days until the end of the WNBA's regular season. The WNBA regular season ends with the conclusion of Minnesota/Sacramento, which will start on the West Coast at 9 pm ET.

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