Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two Coaches from Tennessee Tech

An article in the Cookeville (TN) Herald-Citizen interviews two head coaches of Tennessee Tech.

The new coach? Sytia Messer, a former player from Arkansas. The emeritus coach? ...Marynell Meadors.

The veteran coach had her own advice to give the newly minted Golden Eagle coach. "Come up with your game plan," Meadors said. "Get the players that can fit your system. If you do that, you're going to be a winner. A lot of hard work and dedication is what it's going to take."


anonymous1 said...

Meadors giving out advice??? Does anyone else find this odd?

Meadors coaching 101
1) Make your own shady plan and stick to it
2) Trade/bench/waive amazing players when they have an off night trying to execute your shady plan
3) Hope great players will fall into your hands and when you have them
4) Make random substitutions when they are "in the zone"
5) Don't customize plays for your playmakers, this could only end in points scored
6) Rely on your players to make things happen but if this fails
7) Get an assistant who knows what to do so you'll look good
8) If any of this fails and your fans start to despise you, complement them and do your best to put a waived player back on the roster but don't make the mistake of letting them start, this may look like you made a mistake.

Note: This of course was all in good fun, no need for any Meadors fans to become upset.

Q McCall said...

Well, I've always found it odd when coaches say, "I'm going to invent a system and get players to fit it" rather than saying, "I'm going to find talented players, and make a system to maximize their talents."

Then once you have a system built around the talent, you add players that make the system better...

But you know... I'm not a pro coach either... :)