Monday, August 17, 2009

Sky is Movin' On Up

The Chicago Sky have announced that the team will be changing arenas next year. The move will be from the UIC Pavilion to the Allstate Arena. Allstate Arena has a capacity of 17,500 for basketball; the UIC Pavilion only seated about 7,000 max.

I'm sure Chicago Sky fans are glad about two things - they're moving to a bigger arena and you can be sure that the Sky aren't going to Tulsa.

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Ethan said...

Correction I: It's always the Rosemont Horizon to me. :-)

Correction II: UIC's WNBA game capacity is 6304, exactly and approximately.

My only concern is that they're barely filling half of the UIC seats as it is, so why make the [Horizon] seem like an empty hangar?


UIC doesn't have the world's greatest reputation with the suburban folk. Maybe the [Horizon] will be considered a "safer" venue. I'll poll my family members as to whether they'd be down with going to a Sky game post-transition (from UIC to Rosemont).