Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wars and Rumors of Wars

When I suggested great places that the Dream might play, it looks like I forgot about one of them...I found this message on a women's basketball board and when I read it, I was flabbergasted.

At the game last night I spoke to a person deep within the DFO who noted that if we make it to the playoffs there is a conflict with some of the playoff dates and the availability of Phillips Arena. Indeed if you look at the Phillips calendar events are scheduled for some of the dates.

The real surprise was an alternate site being considered....Knoxville. Was that Pat's price for bringing 11K to the game on Sunday?

That's a friggin long hike for a game. Don't know if I could see it, but I'm sure that someone would probably fill my seat.

UPDATE: potential clashes of events at Philips Arena with WNBA Schedule

Potential Semifinal Clashes (Semifinals either 16-18-19 or 17-20-21)

September 18: Elmo's Green Thumb at Philips Arena
September 19: Elmo's Green Thumb at Philips Arena
September 21: Atlanta vs. Carolina, NHL Pre-season

Eastern Conference Final Clashes


WNBA Final Clashes

October 4: Metallica Performance
October 9: Kings of Leon Performance

(Thanks to nickv1025.)


Anonymous said...

See USA Today article running AP story about Dream considering other options. If Gwinnett and Tech and UGA are not open then Knoxville is not really a bad option given that there are simply no other quality venues in Atlanta. It would definitely suck for Dream fans here and is not what DFO would want to do, but if you have to go out of town at least in Knoxville you get a big crowd in a pro-level arena. Ga State or Morehouse or KSU would be a joke (and could not handle ESPN anyway). obviusly DFO is going to try to be in Atlanta but if eveyone has a conflict there is not a lot they can do

ATLDreamFan17 said...

With all the Playoff talk I never even considered Philips might not be available. Tennessee fans would support Atlanta and there are fans who would make the trip (people travel to Atlanta all the time for regular season games). It propbably wouldn't be possible for some of us who regularly attend the games but if Gwinett and Philips are booked, Knoxville isn't a horrible alternative.

afoundingfan said...

Gwinnett looks pretty busy towards the end of September, with a series of dinosaur shows.

Looks like GA Tech football would not be an issue if they were looking at Alexander Coliseum; same w/UGA if they were looking at Stegman. Don't know if either arena has other things going on during the playoffs though.

While convenient, I don't think GA State would be an appropriate venue, if I remember it from the open practice. Don't know what Clayton State's gym looks like but I assume that wouldn't work either. But we may not have too many other local options at this point.

afoundingfan said...

Continued...both Tech and UGA have home football games on Sept. 26, which is one of the conference finals dates. However, the times for both football games are TBA. So, if the football games were in the 12:30 range, it would be no problem to have the Dream play at one of those arenas at night, I would think. It would be more difficult (downright impossible actually) if football was at night and the bball game was early afternoon.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember both UGA and GT use their parking to the max on football game days including around their basketball facilities. If football is at home, dream ain't playing there...

afoundingfan said...

Maybe it ends up to be a combination of venues? Has that ever been done in the league?