Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tamera Young to Chicago; Armintie Price to Atlanta?

Update on the latest breaking news. Tamera Young is about seven minutes away as I type this from flying to Chicago. Little Smooth is no longer a member of the Atlanta Dream, and the era of Pigtail Power is over.

The most likely candidate for being Young's replacement is Armintie Price, a 2007 graduate of the University of Mississippi. Carol Ross, currently an assistant head coach at Atlanta, was the head coach at Ole Miss during Price's final year.

More on this later, obviously.


Scarab said...

It's "Lil" Smooth...not "Little" Smooth lol. ;)

pt said...

Short for "Lilith Smooth"? :D

Scarab said...

It's official: it's Arminite Price.
Press release: It's official: we have Arminite. Press release:

Anonymous said...

Im happy for Tamera she will get a chance to play...I guess her second half showing last saturday convinced Chi-Sky on her versatility. Armintie also has a lot to offer this a an even trade in my opinion except Tamera is bigger in size. Im not sure what Meadors is up to she is like Vince Mcmahon, I feel like I been watching the WWE this season.