Friday, August 14, 2009

Chantelle's Lebanese Ways

Former Dream player Chantelle Anderson might have never played a minute for the Dream - but she's going to Lebanon to play there. Her newest Yardbarker post tells the story.

But I’m here playing basketball for the Lebanese National Team for the next three months. No, I’m not Lebanese by birth but somehow it’s legal so Ima go with it, haha. It’s nice to be back on the court and although it’s not at WNBA level, it’s a good place to get my rhythm back and get some game film to play in Europe afterwards. I’ve been here almost a week and I love it so far. So I figured I’d write and give y’all some initial thoughts and insight into my life over here.

Chantelle might be considered Lebanese for the purposes of playing basketball, but she's definitely American - she spoke with a young Iraqi named Abbas who told her his impression of America:

He began our conversation by asking what it was like to live in America. I told him it was cool but I had lived there my whole life so it was just something I was used to. His view of
America: a beautiful country with unlimited freedoms, nice people that readily accept and embrace other cultures, and the best rap music, lol (his favorite artists are 50 cent, The Game, and Eminem).

Oh yes. And great women's basketball, hopefully.

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