Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Erika de Souza and the Pop Culture Grid

Two WNBA players make it on Sports Illustrated's Pop Culture Grid. The first is Nicky Anosike, the next is our own Erika de Souza.

Here are the questions, and her answers are in bold:

"If I were Harry Potter I'd...." create a door to my room in Brazil.
Video game I've spent the most time on: Pitfall.
"Shaq should go head to head with...." Barack Obama.
Weirdest autograph request I ever had: To sign an Italian passport.
My advice to Tony Romo is...." listen to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable".
Musician I'd like to be for a day: Beyonce. Her energy is amazing.
"I really owe ___ an apology.": No one, I never go home with a problem.
Person I'm dying to interview: Michael Jordan.
Song playing on my iPod right now: "Best I Ever Had" by Drake.

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