Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dream Owner No Longer Wants to Be Sole Owner

Chris Vivlamore reports that Ron Terwilliger no longer wants to be sole owner of the Atlanta Dream.

The ominous looking headline at the AJC: "Dream owner seeks to sell franchise".

So, as Hermes Conrad would say, "This raises even more questions!"

* Will a white knight come and save the franchise?
* Will the Dream fold/be relocated?
* What the hell? I mean what the helly hell?
* Is there another investor lined up?

As soon as I find out anything, I'll tell you.


Q McCall said...

SO...I have to ask...

Has Ted Turner ever expressed interest?

Plenty of media coverage that way...

pt said...

If Turner would buy the Dream, I wouldn't even care if he coached on the sidelines like he tried to do with the Atlanta Braves.

I'd even let him take the court for a few shots.