Saturday, August 1, 2009

All American Red Heads Honored at Tonight's Game

Another reason to go to tonight's game: the All American Red Heads, a barnstorming team from the days before organized professional women's basketball, will be honored at halftime.

Here is a clip of the Red Heads from their heyday. I think the Red Heads are too old to do stuff like this anymore, but here's a taste of the amazing skills they brought to the court from the late 30s to around 1980.

I've shown this clip before, but it's worth seeing again.

P. S.: The sad part is that the players might not get a chance to see this clip. While we watch this at halftime, the players will be with the coaches.


afoundingfan said...

Great video!! Pet, did the AJC run an article on the AARH in today's paper? I looked online and the Dream tab has disappeared from there. Was the article up?

pt said...

Yes. It's not on the website - I can't find it - but it is in the hardcopy print of the paper. Head to yer nearest Starbucks; they should still have some Saturday papers.

The Dream at the AJC can be found at

anonymous1 said...

They were definitely ahead of their time. Inspiring. Its nice they are being recognized for their contribution to womens basketball.