Friday, July 18, 2008

Vikings Football: A Place Where Guys Make Out

Apparently there's some guy in Minnesota who opened mouth and inserted foot. He's a conservative talk radio host who stated "You know what [the WBNA] is? That's a place for lesbians to make out when they score."

You can read the dirty details yourself. Frankly, I'm not surprised. Anyone on talk radio, liberal or conservative, sure ain't being selected for their intelligence. I went to this guy's blog and I'm surprised they don't let him out with a protective helmet so that he doesn't hurt himself.

However, this provoked a new line of thought. According to the radio website, they are the flagship station of the Minnesota Vikings. I'm sure this guy follows the Vikings, Twins, Wild, men's college basketball, like most of the "jock crowd".

Have you ever noticed that most of these guys follow men's sports exclusively? And don't you notice that most of the audience for those sports is men? (Go to a Braves game, for example.) And that most of these men are drunk, to lower their inhibitions?

I don't know, buddy. As Neil Patrick Harris would say, "Sounds like a real sausage fest to me."

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