Monday, July 28, 2008

So THAT's Who "Headband Girl" Is!!

Well no. Just kidding.

Interesting blog entry on how not to behave at a Dream autograph session.


I was a total mess, and playing way too much, including telling Katie Feenstra she spelled her name wrong on my t-shirt, trying to get Ivory Latta to not hate the autograph-signing thing she was probably forced to do, telling Kristen Hainey that I told Katie Feenstra she signed her name wrong and then asking when I would be able to get a jersey with her (Hainey, not Feenstra’s) number on it (nice touch, huh? and, OH! I did this WHILE Betty Lenox is signing my jersey on my back- so OBVIOUSLY I was putting my big fat butt right on the table in her face....

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