Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dream Rejections

More interesting stats from Swanny:

Most FG Attempts Blocked, 2008 Season

1. Swin Cash, Storm and Katie Douglas, Fever: 23
5. Betty Lennox, Dream: 20
18. Ivory Latta, Dream: 18

Lowest Percentage of FG Attempts Blocked, 2008 Season
(min 50 attempts)

1. Cathy Joens, Sky: 0 percent (0-74)
8. Camille Little, Dream/Storm: 1.4 percent (1-70)

Most FG Attempts Blocked in One Game, 2008 Season

Nicole Powell, Monarchs at Silver Stars, July 3 -- 5 blocked
Ivory Latta, Comets at Dream, July 3 -- 4 blocked


Anonymous said...

One reason why Camille Little has so few shots blocked is that she often opts to dramatically fall away from the basket when shooting (whether necessary or not) and also tends to quick release while leading with her body when actually going towards the hoop....of course there is nothing wrong with either move if you actually make the shots, although it does lead to not getting as many free throws on the fadeaways

pt said...

This is something I never noticed. I wonder if people who have blocked shots more frequently tend to have an upright or a "lean forward" style of shooting, or that if leaning backward would be a better way of shooting.