Friday, July 11, 2008

DeSouza in Spain for Rest...or Recuperation?

It looks like Érika de Souza might be back with the Dream soon. She's in Spain right now. Here is part of the article, translated by Google Translator, from

Érika is in Spain since the beginning of the week, and reviewed with the supervision of experts from Ros Casares, with the Spanish team which has contract until 2010. Provoked by repetitive effort, the pivot of the fracture was detected in May, when I was in the United States participating in the WNBA for the Atlanta Dream, and requires rest for recovery.

"She is stopped for nearly a month and has no more pain," says (Brazil Coach Paul) Bassul, who maintains frequent contact with the player. According to him, the athlete already has some activities such as cycling ergométrica, but no activity on impact.

Bassul believes that the situation of athlete should be resolved this week. "We will wait until Friday, when the results come out. Hence we have almost 90% of the definition."

My only question is why did she go to Spain for a check-up? Why not Atlanta? Maybe since Spanish and Portugese have some language similiarity, she might have felt more comfortable. But if I'm reading the translation right, we have a 90 percent chance of seeing de Souza back by the end of the week.


Rodrigo Afonso said...

Brazilian media has some news about Érika. Bassul is still waiting for her for the Olympics, but wants her in good shape. She says that she probably will be back against Washington in July 25th. According to her, she needs to work on her muscles to be fully recovered. The link:

petrel said...

Thanks, Rodrigo. It looks like no one knows the exact date when she'll be back, but I hope that she's ready by the 25th.

I'll be rooting for Érika in Beijing -- in those games when Brazil is not playing the U. S., of course. :D