Friday, July 25, 2008

No More Smelly Boot

Tonight, the Dream play the Mystics, and this is a case of low-hanging fruit if there ever was one. If we win this game, no one can say that we were the worst pro franchise in history - that distinction will belong to the 1998 mystics, who won 3 games and finished with a .100 record.

Are we as good as the mystics? No. I would say that if both teams play their average game in Atlanta, the Dream will lose by about two points. (We lost 80-74 to the Mystics in Atlanta on May 27th.)

However, if we play better than average...OR...the Mystics have another off game...we can win. It's not like playing the Storm, where the Storm would have to play badly and Atlanta would have to have a stellar game. It's an "OR" situation. Hell, if we can avoid digging a ten point hole in the first quarter our chances for a win are pretty good.

Yep, it's true that the Mystics have a new head coach and are on a high. But tonight, we're going to be on a high as well. Erika de Souza is back according to Jenna Marina of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She had her first real practice yesterday, had no problems, the boot is off and she'll probably play about 10-15 minutes of this game. If she can kick off the rust quickly...then watch out Mystics!

P. S. Thanks to afoundingfan at the Atlanta Dream Message Board for pointing this out!

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