Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Happy Cult

More on our astonishing second win of the season later.

Interesting comment from Frisco Del Rosario in his Livejournal entry of 10 July 2008 at 1:23 am:

...which brings to mind those poor slobs whose business was scalping tickets outside Key Arena.

The WNBA fanbase is a cult. We weirdos don't need to buy tickets when walking up, because we've had 'em all year. (The dilettantes are big groups -- 5th grade girls teams plus guardians -- who deal with group ticket salespeople.) In the unusual case of an out-of-town cult member who doesn't have a ticket -- me last weekend -- I waited for a non-professional to unload a ticket s/he couldn't use, then relied on knowing people inside who could get me closer to the floor. In fact, I was surprised that professional scalpers tried working an WNBA game at all -- you'd think with a bit of experience, they'd know it's difficult to give WNBA tickets away for nothing (a friend had to persuade her mother to take mine).

I've only been following the WNBA for one year - this year - but those comments have the ring of truth. To my fellow cult members out there, let's just say I'm happy to be drinking the grape Kool-Aid -- and I hope that if I'm ever in Sacramento, a fellow cultist can get some tix for me.

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