Saturday, July 19, 2008

Crystal Langhorne and the Violence That is the Mystics

From the official Mystics Blog, called Pass The Ball: the following was written by Crystal Langhorne.

So I am pretty tired of fighting with the old people on my team lol. I always get into arguments with Alana, so one day I bodyslammed her; of course the other elderly woman, Nakia, had to jump in and they beat me up! My other young people, Bernice and Vaughn, were nowhere to be found. So I let that slide because that was about my second week into the season.

However, the other day I got into another argument with Alana. I kept talkin smack because I saw Bernice was in the room with me. So I kept running off at the mouth and they attacked me: Alana, Monique and Nakia, and of course Bernice was nowhere to be found. Again. Nakia had the nerve to beat me with my own bag. And they gave me a wedgie on top of that. But don't worry, I'm going to get them all back when they are by themselves because they can't handle me one on one.

You know after Alana and Taj went off on the Mystics during that halftime when the scored 14 points as a team, this might not be a joke.... One victim is Tree Rollins, who was relieved of his duties after Detroit came to down and drubbed the Mystics by 37 points.

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Q said...

Thanks for posting that...

Looks like there's a lot of internal clean up to be done in Washington...and changing coaches may be only part of that problem...