Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Assisted and Unassisted Field Goals

Some interesting stats by Swanny. Go for the complete list at the link.

Swanny has three list where Atlanta has players on the top 10 or 20. The first is Highest Percentage of Assisted Field Goals. We have two players on that list. Stacey Lovelace is fifth with 85.7 percent of her field goals coming on assists (30-35). Katie Feenstra is eighth on the list with 82.8 percent (24-29). (The leader? Noelle Quinn of the Lynx, with 88.9 percent assisted.)

The second list is Highest Percentage of Unassisted Field Goals. Ivory Latta is ninth on that list with 65.6 percent (40-61). (The leader? Ticha Penicheiro of the Monarchs with 88.1 percent unassisted.)

The third list might be the most interesting...Top Assist Pairs. Tied for tenth with two other pairs is the pair Betty Lennox FROM Ivory Latta. Ivory, when she isn't making her own shots, has assisted Betty 19 times this year. The top of the list is Lauren Jackson FROM Sue Bird, an amazing 44 times.

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