Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ten Thoughts About "The Brawl"

1. I only caught part of "The Brawl" in real time. Around 10 pm or so, I flipped over to ESPN2 (I would have watched the game, but I like spending time with my non-WNBA watching wife). I fully expected the final part of the game to leak over the 10 pm mark -- trust me, I've been reading about the fury of MLS fans who have parts of their games preempted.

So all I see are a bunch of players standing around and Bill Laimbeer saying, "(Microphone cut for swearing) She won't be back in the league next year." My wife turned to me and said "what did he just say?" I thought he was talking about a player.

Then my wife asked me to change the channel.

2. It just goes to show you that keeping a daily blog fresh is hard. I wake up and there are like 14,000 comments about the brawl. The big WNBA blogs have already reported on it.

3. Everyone has an opinion about it. My opinion is limited to a six-minute YouTube clip I saw before I went to work. The impression it left me with is that Plenette Pierson and either Candace Parker or Lisa Leslie had some words during a rebound. Later, after a free throw, Pierson and Parker exchanged some words, and the brawl was on.

4. I think the footage is going to be watched by WNBA fans more than the Zapruder film, with magnifying glasses to examine it frame by frame. And of course, after everyone can see the objective truth, there will be 10,000 opinions as to what actually happened.

5. It's a fucking shame that Cheryl Ford got hurt. That sucked, and I'm no more of a fan of the Shock than any other roots-for-another-team blogger.

6. Right now, it looks as if the fans are trying to determine if the fight is a positive (brings more attention, negates opinion that WNBA is "soft") or a negative (negative publicity, Ford hurt, major starts suspended). At least Q at Rethinking Basketball is trying to analyse things from the hard facts of history rather than just opinion. (His conclusions are that the fight hurts the WNBA more than it helps it.)

7. Yes, I agree that President Donna Orender has a big problem on her hands. Who gets suspended, and for how long? A five-game suspension means a lot more in the WNBA than it does in the NBA. I'm looking for the referee blog at, which has strangely disappeared....

8. I think that every other post on Rebkell is about "The Brawl".

9. I'm going to be very bold and say: "I just don't have an opinion." Not yet, anyway. This is actually a Federal crime in sports blogging, where writers are expected to have an opinion about everything, at all times, with a minimum of 1000 words posted per opinion. I expect FBI agents to raid my cubicle at any time right now.

10. I suspect that in any future non-WNBA film clip talking about Bill Laimbeer and the "intensity" he brings as a coach, they're going to be showing this clip. He's probably dreading the questions they'll be asking him thirty years from now.


Ethan said...

Since I am out-of-market, it's very hard for me to add loads of value to recapping games that anyone else can see on TV as well. In fact, my notes were virtually blank for that game, and I switched it off somewhere in the 4th quarter figuring I'd finish watching it later. Even adding 15 minutes to the Tivo, the game ran longer so the fight wouldn't have been on my DVR anyway.

I defer to the WNBA Bloggin' Krew for in-depth coverage in this case. I'd like to line up some interviews of some sort during the Olympic break, so there's some would-be value-add there.

Q said...

Unbelievable that they took the ref blog down altogether...

They should have had at least some kind of response...

Sad, sad story for the game...

pt said...

I don't know if the ref blog is gone. It might be hidden. All I know is that I can't seem to find it, but I might be overlooking it.