Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shooting from Point-Blank Range

Whenever there's not a game on, Swanny at Swanny's Stats gives us the scoop on some odd stats.

In Shooting Percentage from 6-10 Feet, Iziane Castro Marques is in the top 10 of WNBA shooters, shooting 50 percent from close range (10-20). However, Tamera Young is the bottom 10 at 18 percent (4-22).

In Shooting Percentage from 1-5 Feet -- which is about as close as you can get -- we don't have anyone in the top 10 of WNBA shooters. However, Ivory Latta is in the bottom 10 at 45.8 percent (33-72).

Indeed, Atlanta is the worst team in the WNBA in point-blank shooting, shooting only 51 percent from 1-5 feet. It's a good thing that basketball courts aren't 10 feet long. Maybe Ivory needs to put a basketball hoop in her pantry, close the door, and practice a few shots.

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