Thursday, July 24, 2008

Link Addition

I have added Game Notes of Dooooooom, a New York Liberty fan blog.

I only hope there are enough Os in "dooooooom".


Ethan said...


It's not obvious, but if you plug the site URL into Google Reader there is a feed for the site. (FYI only)

Rebecca said...


No, seriously. I discuss hoops in there, but as a fan, not as someone who wants to be linked through the hoops side of fandom.

I post the Game Notes of Doom at - you're welcome to post that link, but I'd prefer you not link my IJ.

pt said...

Your wish is our command. I hope you don't mind Ethan and I reading the LJ blog, though.

Rebecca said...

I definitely don't mind- I'm just not comfortable with having my fanwork two degrees of separation from Rebkell's and therefore Bill Laimbeer, DeLisha Milton-Jones's husband, and Tamika Whitmore's rather fanatical kinswoman.

Ethan said...

I wondered if those Rebeccas were one and the same. I am 2x covered! LOVE the GNOD blog.