Saturday, July 26, 2008


Another great article by Josh Bagriansky of Score Atlanta, this time highlighting the deteriorating relationship between Betty Lennox and Marynell Meadors.

Jeez. I don't know what's going on. Camille Little got out, then Stacey Lovelace, and now it looks like Betty Lennox is in the coach's doghouse. "Will the last player to leave Atlanta please turn out the lights?"

They're talking about it on Rebkell and the Atlanta Dream Message Board. Question: do you think Kelly Miller would come to the Dream if we sent B-Money to Phoenix? I'm sure that Betty would enjoy getting to play the Seattle Storm more than twice a year.

FREE B-MONEY! Just remember that Atlanta Dream fans love you, Betty.

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Ethan said...

Ironically, I finally made it to the Betty Lennox chapter of "Game On". She's been through some shit, hasn't she? As a n00b I had no idea about all of the teams that folded that she played for. It makes me that much more of a Betty Lennox fanboy (if such a thing exists).

Kelly Miller to ATL...? Maybe Coco Miller from DC. I like Kelly, and think she is something of an unsung hero for Phoenix (like I know anything), but I dunno if you'd trade Lennox for Miller. It could be something of a wash at this point. It's not like ATL is just outside of playoff contention, so save the big moves for the offseason.