Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mystics vs. MARTA

Crystal Langhorne of the Washington Mystics talks about her trip to Atlanta at the Pass the Ball blog of the Washington Mystics.

Now we are in Atlanta and last night I felt like we were on a school trip. A few of the players took a train ride to the mall and that was a journey in itself. No one could figure out how to get the tickets out of the machines ... we looked like foreigners. The guy who worked there had to help us out. We finally got our tickets and then for some reason Nikki's didn't work, luckily the guy was nice enough to let us through. It was kind of sad because we were a bunch of adults that were completely clueless.

The mall trip wasn't as successful as I had hoped. I just got a blazer from a store, I didn't really find anything else that I liked. We went to a restaurant called Houston's for dinner. We had seven people and they sat us at this table. So we find out that Crystal Smith is also coming and we ask can she squeeze in and have eight. They told us no and we had to go back in the waiting area and wait until they had two small tables for us. I felt like we were getting kicked out when they made us go back and wait (lol). At least the dinner was a good, quality meal.

Crystal, the MARTA machines perplex most newcomers. However, we despise you for beating us last night...well, okay, we don't despise you personally; we just hate every Mystic for 40 minutes at particular times of the year. At least you're not with the Monarchs, who have moved to #1 on my hate list for laughing at Ivory Latta after knocking her tooth out.

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afoundingfan said...

I wore my Maryland 2006 NCAA Championship shirt to the game last night and got a big smile from Lang.

And the Metro in DC is far easier to use than Marta. :)