Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now Up at Dream Diary: Chamique Holdsclaw

Chamique Holdsclaw, enjoying life in Cyprus.

Chamique Holdsclaw has a nice long post about what she's been doing in the off-season at Dream Diary, the official blog of the Atlanta Dream.

We get some hints of what happened in Slovakia and why the Good Angels Kosice team might have let Chamique Holdsclaw go so quickly:

When I didn’t pass my physical in October with the team in Slovakia, I was disappointed. I felt this way because as an athlete, all you want to do is compete, and for a short time I was unable to do so. This whole experience has been really humbling.

Holdsclaw decided to stay home and work on her health. She worked with Dorian Lee, her trainer, who was happy with her training and told her:

“If the doctor said you are fine and you and I know the progress you are making every day, Mique go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity.”

From there, Holdsclaw went to Cyprus where Sherill Baker is on her K. V. Imperial team.

Out of all the countries and places I have been, I like this one the most and could see myself living here. The weather is beautiful, it’s filled with people of several nationalities, and everyone speaks English. With all of that said, it makes things a lot easier when I am trying to find my way around. We work hard, but we also really enjoy life off the court too. It’s close to being home in the U.S.A.

Holdsclaw also provided a gallery of pictures. She's looking happy and healthy. If you're a fan of Chamique Holdsclaw, you have some reading to do.

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