Monday, February 8, 2010

Swish Appeal Provides Atlanta Free Agency Breakdown

Q over at Swish Appeal interviewed Atlanta coach Marynell Meadors for her take on the free agency issues surrounding the Dream.

It's a rather deep review of the Dream as Atlanta thinks about 2010.

Quoting from the article - first, about the fact that the Dream were next to the bottom in turnovers per game in the WNBA:

“I really think that you have to stop and look at all the new players we had last year – we had 8 new players last year out of 11,” said Meadors about their turnovers. “Any team that uses the fast break like we do – we’re not as good as Phoenix, but we’re pretty close – in pushing the ball up the court, you’re going to have more turnovers.

About Ivory Latta and how Meadors perceives Latta's role on the club:

“Ivory is a smaller point guard, she handles the ball, and she scores more than Shalee,” said Meadors. “I truly believe that Ivory is a 2-guard – she’s in a 1-guard body, but she’s really a 2-guard and she’s a great scorer. And 2-guards look to score."

About Shalee Lehning's role on the team:

“We won 18 games with her as a starter, so it’s kind of tough to not put her back out there again,” said Meadors about whether Lehning is the projected starter for 2010. “It seemed that at times, Shalee did a great job of running our team and we were basically looking for that…To me Shalee has proven herself, even in her rookie season…When she got hurt two games before the playoffs started, when we moved to Detroit to play them it really hurt us not having her at point guard.”

There is a lot to read, so I suggest you go read it. The breakdown of the roles of the Dream all by itself is worth reading.

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