Monday, February 1, 2010

Slovakia Extraliga 1-6 Group 2/2009 - Good Angels Kosice 85, Ružomberok 67

The only pic. I'm surprised it's not one of McCoughtry getting beat up. McCoughtry is in the yellow.

In the mysterious 1-6 Group of the post-season - maybe those six teams are playing for playoff position - the Good Angels Kosice team continues to roll over every team it faces, beating second-place finisher Ružomberok at home to remain undefeated in the Slovakia Extraliga.

The box score is here.

However, this game was probably the closest anyone has played the Good Angels since Euroleague. It seemed that the Good Angels could not get any farther than a couple of baskets at first - 28-24 lead at 12 minutes in, 32-30 lead later, and with six minutes left in the game - 66-64. Then, the Good Angels blew open the doors, outscoring Ružomberok 19-3 over the rest of the game.

What's more amazing is that the Good Angels didn't hit a single 3-pointer. They went 0-for-14 from long range.

Simona Podešvová led Ružomberok with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Klaudia Lukačovičová also scored 18 points for the visitors.

Candice Dupree was the leading scorer for the Good Angels, with 20 points and 10 rebounds overall. Angel McCoughtry also had a good game, but she was beaten up a lot:

18 points
4 points from the floor, 12-for-14 from the free throw line
8 rebounds
9 fouls received

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