Saturday, February 13, 2010

LFB 19/2009 - Perfumerias 77, Olesa 53

Perfumerias returned to play in the Liga Femenina after playing the concluding game of a best-of-three against Bourges on Wednesday. In Europe, three days between games is considered tough. Perfumerias must have certainly cought their second wind as they won easily at home 77-53.

The box score is here. Perfumerias advances to 17-2, one game behind 18-1 Ros Casares. Olesa falls to 10-9 in the tough Spanish League.

Perfumerias either won or tied every quarter. All Perfumerias needed was two good quarters, where Perfumerias won the second and fourth quarters by eleven and ten points.

The only player to score in double figures for Olesa was Shona Thorburn. Thorburn scored 11 points, five rebounds and three assists. Silvia Morales had nine points and three rebounds for Olesa.

Four players scored in double figures for Perfumerias. Anke de Mondt and Alba Torrens each had 15 points. Le'coe Willingham had 10 points and six rebounds. But, as usual, the best game belonged to Sancho Lyttle:

16 points
6-for-10 shooting
10 rebounds
3 steals

No pics. If there are pics to find, they haven't been posted yet.

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