Friday, February 12, 2010

Angel McCoughtry Plays in 2010 NBA Celebrity Game

Just my luck to find out about this after it started on TV. It started at 7 pm Eastern Time on Friday, February 12th and was shown on ESPN.

The two teams were:

Doctor Oz (Host, The Dr. Oz Show)
Chris Tucker (Actor/Comedian)
Joel Moore (Avatar)
Pitbull (Musician, I Know You Want Me)
Terrell Owens (Six-time NFL Pro Bowler)
Flight Time Lang (Harlem Globetrotters)
Big Easy Lofton (Harlem Globetrotters)
Angel McCoughtry (Atlanta Dream forward)
Rick Fox (Three-time NBA Champion)
Nancy Lieberman (Basketball Hall of Famer)
Coach: Alonzo Mourning (Five-time NBA All-Star)
Assistant Coach: Mario Lopez


Anthony Kim (PGA Tour Pro)
Terrence J (Host of BET's "106 & Park")
Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks Owner)
Common (Musician/Actor)
Michael Rapaport (Actor)
Special K Daley (Harlem Globetrotters)
Scooter Christensen (Harlem Globetrotters)
Becky Hammon (San Antonio Silver Stars guard)
Chris Mullin (Five-time NBA All-Star)
Robert Horry (Seven-time NBA Champion)
Coach: Magic Johnson (Basketball Hall of Famer, ESPN analyst)
Assistant Coach: Drake (Musician)

(* * *)

I'm glad to see Angel McCoughtry get some recognition. So, did anyone see this? How was it?

P. S.: When Angel McCoughtry found out that Mario Lopez would be her assistant coach, this was her quote:

Are you serious? I still watch that show, I love to watch that show…I’m star-struck – I can’t even focus now. He had that little Jherri Curl back in the day, the little Hammer pants. That’ll be fun.

(Thanks to Swish Appeal for cluing us in.)


Unknown said...

As an actual game, it was pretty farcical... of course. :)

Angel played some good ball, I thought... some pretty passes (to teammates who were totally not prepared to receive them), a few points... and a sloppy dunk attempt that was either half-hearted or ill-timed. Would have been SWEET if she'd made it.

All in all, I thought the WNBA was well represented. Lieberman not only started for the East celebs, but played a lot of minutes and had some nice moves for an old lady. ;)

Q McCall said...

Agreed about Lieberman -- watching her with the ball now really made me wish I could have watched her consistently in her prime. She has an outstanding feel for the game and it's amazing that it's still evident now playing with much younger players.

I don't think it's possible to overestimate her talent...