Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eurocup 8th Finals 2/2009 - Montpellier 58, K. V. Imperial 51

Gaelle Skrella and Chamique Holdsclaw tussle for the ball.

The box score, play-by-play and a small gallery are all here.

When you have to overcome a 20-point deficit from last week's game, you'd better try harder. Despite the presence of 800 spectators, Montpellier found themselves down 19-14 at the end of the first quarter and both teams came to a halt in the second quarter. (Montpellier scored 11 points...K. V. Imperial scored six.) Neither team broke 40 percent shooting in the game, and Montpellier just wasn't going to build enough points to stop K. V. Imperial.

The box score looks awful. Montpellier had 25 turnovers, K. V. Imperial had 22 turnovers. K. V. Imperial only had five assists.

Paulin Krawczyk socred 21 points and seven rebounds for Montpellier. Mandisa Stevenson had six points and 11 rebounds in Montpellier's final game in Eurocup.

As for K. V. Imperial, only two players scored more than 10 points. Biljana Pesovic scored 11 points but had six turnovers...and then, there was....

...the Claw. Chamique Holdsclaw was clearly the player of the game.

18 points
7-for-18 shooting
10 rebounds
3 assists
36 minutes

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