Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Week's Schedule

Eurocup play takes place over the next couple of weeks, wehre eight teams are whittled down to four. Each series is an aggregate "best-of-two" series.

Chamique Holdsclaw's K. V. Imperial play earns a bye in Cyprus League play. Over the weekend, Keravnos and Etha will play each other for the right to play K. V. Imperial in the semi-finals. Michelle Snow's Dynamo Kursk team has no regular season games this week, and Angel McCoughtry's Good Angels Kosice are not playing in that weird "1-6" group in Slovakia this week.


Eurocup Quarterfinals: Targoviste (Romania) vs. Dynamo Kursk, Game 1


Eurocup Quarterfinals: K. V. Imperial vs. Orenburg (Russia), Game 1


LFB: Zarazoga (11-8) vs. Ros Casares (18-1)


LFB: Ibiza (3-16) vs. Perfumerias (17-2)
PLKK: Krakow (13-6) vs. Siemens (4-16)
TBBL: Mersin (12-1) vs. Tarsus (7-7)

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