Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Circus at K. V. Imperial

Chamique Holdsclaw Twitters about an incident at her club K. V. Imperial in Cyprus:

At airport headed to Russia and 2 players decide they don't wanna fly. Next thing I know the president and coach talk tells us we not taking the flight. Come on now the other 8 players r pissed as hell

Man I'm so pissed and so are the other players. Coaches are even pissed this is just SELFISH. Man I wanna go up aside their heads for this stunt.

Man I just don't understand now we waiting for baggage and they at the crib. Wowzers. You know me so u know how I feel right now

Man right now I don't wanna hear no shit about no one is bigger than the team. Its obvious from actions that its not true or else we wud be on that plane.

head back home to my flat catch some zzz's and figure out with these folks gonna do.

Man this situation is crazy

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