Sunday, February 14, 2010

McCoughtry's Star On the Rise All Just About Everywhere

New article in the Baltimore Sun about Angel McCoughtry's multiple successes.

Rookie of the Year.
USA Women's Team Candidate.
Euroleague Sensation.
WNBA Rep at the NBA All-Star Game.
The Best Angel of the Good Angels in Kosice, Slovakia, which is her European team.

From Marynell Meadors:

"People recognize her, people relate to her," said Marynell Meadors, coach and general manager of the Dream. "Little kids love to watch her play. Angel is the star waiting to happen.

"I don't know how many second-year players get the opportunity to do what she's doing. Everybody in the league recognizes her potential and her strength. Down deep she's a shy person, but she's getting more extroverted every day."

There was also this little tantalizing nugget:

McCoughtry added the dunk to her game in Slovakia and has enjoyed playing in Europe.

Dunking? At 6'1"? If McCoughtry throws down during a WNBA game, Philips Arena will levitate.

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