Sunday, February 28, 2010

LFB 21/2009 - Perfumerias 78, Gran Canaria 67

Licking their wounds after being swept by Ros Casares in the Euroleague quarterfinals, Perfumerias made themselves feel better by beating Gran Canaria 78-67 in a Liga Femenina game in Salamanca.

Perfumerias advances to 19-2 and remains in second place. Gran Canaria falls to 9-12. The box score is here.

No pictures, and no write ups just yet. It looked like a close game initally, with the first quarter ending 21-20 and the first half ending 35-34 in favor of Perfumerias. It seems like Perfumerias established a good third quarter lead, holding Gran Canaria to just 10 points. The pendulum swung back in favor of Gran Canaria in the fourth quarter, but not by enough.

Rosuara Sanchez Lujan had 15 points and two rebounds for Gran Canaria, which was led by Morgan Warburton with 21 points, six rebounds and five assists. Warburton graduated from Utah and was drafted by the Sacramento Monarchs but didn't make the team.

Anke de Mondt and Emilija Podrug had 15 points each for Perfumerias. Sancho Lyttle had a good game, but only played 22 minutes:

14 points
6-for-11 shooting
2 rebounds
2 assists
4 turnovers
22 minutes played


Frisco Del Rosario said...

Wasn't Warburton a Sacramento draft pick?

pt said...

You are correct, Sir. I went ahead and made the change.

Frisco Del Rosario said...

And I believe it is "Warburton". =)

I like those Utah kids. Their pipeline of good Canadian players is amusing.

pt said...

Heh. I fixed Warburton, then noticed another misspelled Warburton, and then noticed that I had misspelled "shooting".