Monday, February 1, 2010

This Week's Games

Euroleague 8th Final Games begin this week, with 16 teams being winnowed down to eight. Two games are played this week in the respective best-of-three series, with a third game (if necessary) being played February 10th.

Eurocup finishes its "best-of-two" series in their 8th Finals this week.

This week Iziane Castro Marques's team Krakow does not play in the regular season Polish league - with an odd number of teams, it's Krakow's turn to sit out - the Polish Cup quarter-finals will be either announced or played on February 8th. Michelle Snow's Dynamo Kursk team doesn't play again until February 8th. Ivory Latta's Mersin team - #2 in the Turkish League - takes on undefeated Fenerbahce on February 9th.

Nothing new about the Slovakia Extraliga schedule. Chamique Holdsclaw's activities in Cyprus remain a mystery.


Euroleague 8th Finals: Krakow vs. Pécs (Game 1)
Euroleague 8th Finals: Ros Casares vs. Prague (Game 1)
Euroleague 8th Finals: Perfumerias vs. Bourges (Game 1)
Euroleague 8th Finals: Beretta vs. Good Angels Kosice (Game 1)


Eurocup 8th Finals: Györ vs. Dynamo Kursk (Game 2)


Euroleague 8th Finals: Pécs vs. Krakow (Game 2)
Euroleague 8th Finals: Prague vs. Ros Casares (Game 2)
Euroleague 8th Finals: Bourges vs. Perfumerias (Game 2)
Euroleague 8th Finals: Good Angels Kosice vs. Beretta (Game 2)


LFB: Zaragoza (11-67) vs. Perfumerias (15-2)
LFB: Vigo (10-7) vs. Ros Casares (16-1)
TBBL: Mersin (11-1) vs. Fenerbahce (12-0)

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