Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More People Surprised that Brittney Griner Can Dunk

Griner vs. Parker. Coming to a court near you in 2013.

Last month, I wrote a blog post about Brittney Griner being a possible "killer app" for the WNBA - a person so interesting that even those normally not interested in the WNBA at all would tune in just to see Griner dunk on someone.

A Yahoo Sports Blogger has just posted on Brittney's dunking acumen. Of course, he starts out by being dismissive of the earlier dunks by Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker. This is no surprise to anyone that really follows women's basketball and how those that...well...don't like women that much (there's no polite way to say it) would simply "move the benchmarks" whenever women accomplished something.

Anyone who has followed the-history-of-women-succeeding-in-anything knows all about "moving the benchmarks". The first argument is that women can't accomplish "A", and if a woman ever does accomplish "A", the haters either redefine what "A" means or say that it isn't enough to accomplish "A", one must accomplish "B" and "C", too. The first knock on the WNBA was "women can't dunk" and then after Leslie and Parker put that to the lie, the knock was "women can't dunk with authority". (Definition of "with authority" an elastic concept.)

And now, Griner comes along and she dunks...well..."with authority" by pretty much anyone's definition. So when you go into the comments - if you have the intention of losing a few brain cells - the fumbling retards at Yahoo are simply left to conclude that she must be some sort of man in disguise. (Which means that the tank on the haterade just went empty - when you're opponents only have ad hominem left in their quiver of arguments, it's a sign that the fight has gone out of them and they're just left two minutes away from grunts and poo-slinging.)

Oh yeah. Griner can dunk. Definitely. Absolutely. I don't think much of dunking per se - it's just a very flamboyant way to score a pedestrian two points - but I enjoy the discomfort it seems to be bringing to some people. Yep, women's basketball is a real sport - they have uniforms and everything, ya know.


Rebecca said...

On another board, there are a couple of people calling for her to be gender tested. It's just sad. So she's tall, kinda butch-looking, and can dunk. Were people calling for Sylvia Fowles to pull down her pants? Or Candace Parker? Oyyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

Yep, she definitely doesn't fall into the standard definition of femmy beauty. On the other hand, from what I've heard about her, her head is definitely tight on her shoulders. I don't think a few yahoos (!) are going to take her off her game.

The funny thing is about all of the men out there with a passion for tall women ("amazons", "giantesses").

I'm flabbergasted at how many hits this blog gets for men looking for info on Katie Feenstra. I'm sure that Brittney will have a similarly-inclined clique of admirers.

"Did you hear how big her shoes are?

"Bigger than Katie's?"

"Bigger than Margo's!"

(Other fellow begins fanning himself.)

Anonymous said...

her mom and dad are proud of her and she has a very good sense of herself...everyone else...eat it...
women have so many hurdles to jump through, all in the name of playing a sport they love...i support you and all women in sports who endure this type attitude...not every women is femme...you go girl!!!