Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Does the 2009 Atlanta Dream Look Like?

With all the changes and waivers, you really do need a scorecard to keep up with the current roster.

I've divided the current roster into A, B, and C classes. Class A is the most likely to see time, Class B is the second most likely, and Class C is the third most likely.

I think Dream fans might want to see the list, in case they blinked when their favorites were waived.

A: Players Who Played Last Year

C Mattera (married name of Katie Feenstra)

F/C de Souza
F/C Terry
F Lacy
F Lyttle (acquired from dispersal draft)

G/F Castro Marques
G Haynie
G Latta
G Young

B: Players Who Didn't Play Last Year, But Whom We Expect To Play

C Anderson
G Teasley

C: Players Who Might Or Might Not Be Signed, Or Show Up

F Holdsclaw
C Snow
C Leuchanka
?? #1 Draft Pick

D: Players Who Played Last Year, and Have Been Traded/Waived

Ann Strother
Chioma Nnamaka
Alison Bales
Betty Lennox

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