Sunday, February 8, 2009

Greek Women's A1 18/2008 - Paleo Faliro 105, Aris Holargou...23?

Yep, that score is right. Paleo Faliro (11-7) crushed visting Aris Holargou (6-11) by a total of 82 points. How did that happen?

I reported in January that the women of Aris Holargou staged a walkout on the team. They were not being paid in a timely manner (some hadn't been paid in months) and they walked out. It looks like the walkout was a permanent one. I don't know the circumstances of what happened next, because I'm lucky to get box scores from the Greek press. What is clear is that Aris Holargou is getting blown out by fifty-plus point margins. They're a joke.

The box score is here. While you gaze upon it in awe, note that first quarter score - 27-0, Paleo Faliro. Talk about being in a hole after the first quarter.

Kristin Haynie did not play. There was no point in her playing. None of the Americans played, except for Karen Mourd who scored nine points in 18 minutes of play. Aris Holargou doesn't have any Americans on the team.

Like I said before, when playing basketball in Greece, make sure you have the money. And if it's not coming, just walk.

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