Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Continental Basketball Association Ends Season

It looks like one of the oldest basketball organizations in the United States, the Continental Basketball Association, might have given up the ghost. The CBA, now whittled down to just four teams, is ending its season two months ahead of schedule.

What killed the CBA? Probably two things. The first was Isiah Thomas's management which drove the CBA into its first bankruptcy. The second was the NBDL, the National Basketball Development League. If the NBA needed to fill roster spots in case of emergency, it could always go to its brand new minor league and not to an outside source.

I don't think the CBA will survive this blow - not in this economy. This leaves the NBDL, the WNBA and the NBA all controlled (more or less) by David Stern. Pro basketball at any level and any gender goes through his office. He's got to be a very happy man right now, but it is a shame that a league which lasted for over fifty years is closing the ol' barn door.

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