Monday, February 16, 2009

Israel Women's D1 16/2008 - Maccabi Ramat Hen 73, Elizur Ramla 70

Latta was perfect at the free throw line for Ramat Hen.

Not a good sign when you get the first game on your week's schedule wrong - it appears that the game happened yesterday, and not today. And I had the wrong team penciled in. Oh well, for Atlanta Dream fans that won't matter as Maccabi Ramat Hen (13-3) came back from behind to win 73-70 against home team Elizur Ramla (11-5).

The win puts Ramat Hen tied for first with Electra Ramat Hasharon with just five games to go in the season. The box score is here.

Visiting Ramat Hen took a 21-19 lead and edged out to a 41-36 lead at halftime. They began to extend their lead, at one point leading by 12 points early in the third quarter. It was then that Elizur Ramla woke up, and started their run. They led 58-57 at the end of three quarters and led by six points (70-64) with just 2:30 left in the game. Shay Doron of Ramat Hen would hit a 3-pointer to start a nine point run as the home team was shut out by Ramat Hen for the rest of the game.

Home team Ramla only hit 39 percent of their field goals compared to Ramat Hen's 48 percent. In terms of offensive rebounding, however, Ramla crushed Ramat Hen, getting 10 offensive rebounds compared to Ramat Hen's pitiful three. Ramla would also only turn the ball over 10 times, keeping them in the game.

Undoubtedly, the clincher for the visitors was that they were sent to the free throw line 24 times. Furthermore, they hit 20 of their shots, an 83 percent free throw percentage. Two Ramla players would end up fouling out.

The home team was led by Abiola Wabara, who scored 24 points, including 12-for-13 free throw shooting. Matalya Belvin, a graduate of NAIA Langston University, scored 13 points for Ramla but was one of the two players to foul out. Tamara Moore, who last played for the Houston Comets in 2007, scored 12 points for the home team with eight rebounds and four assists.

Two players from Ramat Hen would break the 20-point mark. Ivory Latta would score 23 points, hit four 3-point shots and go 7-for-7 at the free throw line for the visitors. LaToya Pringle would scored 22 points and 13 rebounds for a double-double. Tamara James scored 12 points in forty minutes of play and Shay Doron scored 10 points.

Ramla's bench would score only six points. Ramat Hen's bench would only score 16. You don't need much depth in the Israel Women's D1, it seems.

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